Brandy: Whitney Houston losing her voice 'probably drove her insane'

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Singer Brandy Norwood worked with the legendary Whitney Houston in the 1997 TV movie Cinderella and became Houston’s protege as she developed into an artist and entertainer.

Brandy spoke to CNN’s Piers Morgan about Houston’s death and said she understood how difficult it was for Houston to lose her voice.

“I understand what that [losing your voice] feels like,” Brandy said. “I don’t understand to that degree, but I understand, you know, because I feel like when I don’t have my instrument, I don’t really have me. … It’s almost who you are. Of course, there’s more to you than your voice, but that’s what you use to share. That’s what you use to give. It’s your purpose. It probably drove her insane.”

Brandy explained that she was in the same hotel as Houston when she passed. She was getting ready to attend a pre-Grammy Awards party hosted by Clive Davis, a mentor of Houston. Brandy feels hurt because she should have been there for her friend and mentor.

“One of the things that I can’t put my mind around is where she really was, because at the end of her life, I wasn’t there,” Brandy said. “I wasn’t around. I didn’t talk to her as much, which is one of the reasons why it was so hard for me to get over her passing, is because I felt like I wasn’t there enough for her at the end of her life. And I have no clue where she was mentally or spiritually.”

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