Monogamy and hip-hop haven’t always gone hand in hand. While we look up to the power moves that Jay-Z and Beyonce make and on a smaller scale, admire the stable family environment T.I. and Tiny provide for their kids, the majority of prominent rappers are glorified for the large number of women they can collect.

“Hip-Hop has a lot of immature stereotypes and stigmas,” Joe Budden told theGrio.

Budden, rapper and cast member of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop, is anticipating the day when emcees don’t feel forced to rap about dated and misogynistic clichés. He would like to see lyrics that deal with matters of the heart and real life issue no longer be downplayed. Instead, he’s like to see those themes embraced.

Rapper Joe Budden looks to bring ‘balance’ to Love & Hip Hop (VIDEO)

“It’s a lot harder to hold down one (girl), than it is to hold down many,” Budden said. “I wish we just talked more as rappers … like what it takes to be a man in general.”

Over the past few years, there does seem to have been an increase in rappers going public with their significant others, in varying ways. Kanye West confirmed his relationship with reality TV star, Kim Kardashian over the summer banger, “Cold (a.k.a. Theraflu)”, while Compton emcee The Game landed a TV show that focused on his wedding to longtime girlfriend Tiffney Cambridge.

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Budden is known for putting his relationships on display through social media and would have no problem collaborating with fellow emcees who aren’t afraid to claim their woman. Check out his response in the video and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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