theGrio’s 100: Emi Kolawole, the Washington Post’s innovative blogger

Who is Emi Kolawole?

Kolwole, despite her youth, has an impressive resume in media business. She has worked for and Congressional Quarterly as a writer and as a researcher. And she also has dipped her toes in broadcast journalist as well. She was a production assistant on Bill Moyer’s NOW and later an associated producer on Washington Week with Gwen Ifill & National Journal.

Why is she on theGrio’s 100?

A graduate of Wellesley College, the 30-year-old Kolawole has been a fixture at the Washington Post since 2010. She got her start as a web producer for PostPolitics but eventually moved on to helm the influential Ideas and Innovations blog (and On Giving) on the Post‘s website. As a young web journalist she is keeping one of America’s most respected papers in the mainstream.

As the editor of Ideas and Innovations, Kolawole is the quintessential modern online journalist. The motto of her blog is “it’s about what happens next,” which best encapsulates what she covers and cares about. With so many pundits and media watchers declaring print media dead and old fashioned publications like the Washington Post obsolete, Kolawole is reasserting her paper’s relevance in new and interesting ways.

What is next for Kolawole?

Kolawole has argued that “economic inequality” is the defining issue of our time. She believes “access to resources” will also be a defining issue in the near future and long term for peoples around the world. Presumably through her blog and activism she will continue to shed light on these issues and give voice to the voiceless.

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