Kevin Durant apologizes to grandma for cursing on the basketball court

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Grandma always knows best.

Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Kevin Durant learned his lesson Monday night after his grandma scolded the 24-year old via text message for swearing on the basketball court.

Durant posted an iPhone screenshot of the text conversation on his Instagram account yesterday for his 960,000 followers.

“Kev kev stop cussing so much they be showing u when u do,” the NBA star’s grandma wrote.

Durant responded, “Haha sorry grandma I be so emotional, I love u…”

The text message came at after the Oklahoma City Thunder beat the Phoenix Suns Monday night (102-91), with Durant finishing strong, scoring 41 points, with five rebounds, two blocks and two assists.

This isn’t the first time that the small forward has been under fire for his foul language on court.

Two weeks ago during a game against the Brooklyn Nets, Durant was ejected for the first time in his career for cursing at NBA official Dan Crawford over a call against his teammate Kendrick Perkins.

It was reported that Durant was dropping the f-word at Crawford while he stormed off the court.

Let’s just hope that his grandma won’t make her multi-millionaire grandson wash out his mouth, too.

See the screenshot of the text conversation below:

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