From Jay-Z to Katy Perry: Celebrities shine bright at Obama inauguration

theGRIO SLIDESHOW - Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson, Jame Taylor and other celebrities take center stage at President Barack Obama's second-term inauguration...

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WASHINGTON (AP) — It’s not exactly the Red Carpet ceremony, but President Barack Obama’s second-term inauguration has an unmistakable Hollywood look.

There was a loud cheer for Beyonce and Jay-Z as they took their places at the Capitol Monday to watch Obama take the public oath of office for his second term. The two stopped to chat with Rev. Al Sharpton.

Actress Eva Longoria was seated on the platform outside the Capitol. Also seated in the crowd were singer Katy Perry, wearing an orange coat, and John Mayer.

Musicians Kelly Clarkson and James Taylor were present, as well, to perform at the inaugural ceremony.

And former Boston Celtics great Bill Russell was in the crowd, too.

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