Actor/rapper DMX and producer/wife Tashera Simmons
Actor/rapper DMX and producer/wife Tashera Simmons attend the New York Premiere of 'Never Die Alone' on March 24, 2004 at the Clearview Chelsea West Cinemas, in New York City. (Photo by Evan Agostini/Getty Images)

From Clutch Magazine:

I recall the days when The Learning Channel actually had shows that were about, well, learning something. Founded in 1972 by the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare and — gasp! —  NASA it was  billed as “an informative and instructional network focused on providing real education through the medium of TV.” Fast forward to now, where it’s the home of popular shows with great redeeming value such as Here Comes Honey Boo BooBest Funeral Ever, and Starter Wives Confidential which debuted last night.

In summary, Starter Wives Confidential is TLC’s version of Basketball Wives, starring DMX’s soon-to-be ex Tashera Simmons (the only recognizable name), Funkmaster Flex’s estranged wife, and the ex-girlfriends of rapper Maino, boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., NBA baller Lamar Odom, and rapper 50 Cent. It’s less basketball, more fighting, and about the same number of actual wives and scenes with women sitting around drinking. If you like to see Black women act up, tune in. If you don’t, start a petition now.

Given most of the participants, I had an idea of what to expect, but I tuned in anyway to give it a shot. I figured it is The Learning Channel, so maybe I should learn something, right?

Here are my Top 5 Takeaways (in no particular order):

1. Talking greasy about your ex says as much about him as it does you
Starter Wives Confidential is all about women spilling the tea on how they were done dirty by their exes. I don’t doubt the women were done wrong in their relationships, but they stayed. And putting up with a bunch of mess – and telling everyone about it— says as much about the guys they complain about it as it does about the women complaining. Most notably it says: “I haven’t moved on, because if I did, I wouldn’t still be talking about and defining myself as so-and-sos ex.”

2. As a woman, you need to make a name for yourself
It’s always bothered me that so many stars of reality TV have their name flash on the screen, and underneath in smaller print is “ex-wife” or “ex-girlfriend” of a name viewers would actually recognize. I don’t wish to imply that there is anything wrong supporting your man or holding down the homefront, but if a reality show co-star is expecting me to care, it would be nice if there was a credential to her name of what she currently is, even if it’s Homemaker or Work-In-Progress, rather than what she was, often a long, long time ago.

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