Who is Ken Strickland?

Strickland has been a stalwart member of the NBC News family since 1995. After starting off as an associate producer at Dateline, he worked his way up the ranks, and became deputy chief of the network’s hallowed Washington D.C. bureau. This past October he was promoted once again, this time to become the head of the bureau. He has won two Emmys and a Peabody Award during his acclaimed career in broadcast journalism.

Why is he on theGrio’s 1oo?

Strickland’s ascension to his new gig could not have come at a more auspicious time. As President Barack Obama begins his second term as president and attempts to put his new Cabinet and agenda into place, Strickland will be the guiding force behind the Peacock network’s political coverage out of the Capitol.

For nearly a decade, Strickland was NBC’s eyes and ears in the upper chamber, when he served as the new division’s ‘Senate Producer,’ so he will be uniquely positioned and knowledgeable while covering the inevitable upcoming fights over the debt limit, immigration and gun control.

“We traveled countless miles together witnessing presidential history and I have always been grateful for that. I am really looking forward to our partnership,” said former DC Bureau Chief Antoine Sanfuentes with regards to Strickland’s promotion.

What’s the next for Strickland?

“I congratulate Ken on this much-deserved promotion. He is well respected within our industry,” said NABJ President Gregory Lee, Jr in October 2012. “Ken is always a willing mentor to up and coming reporters and producers. I know that NBC will most certainly benefit from his energetic and engaging leadership. He is sure to continue to make an impact in D.C. and beyond.”

Strickland should continue to be a mentor and inspiration for aspiring broadcast journalists of color for many years to come.

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