Find local black businesses with new iPhone app

Around the Way is an app for your iPhone or Android device that helps its users locate black owned businesses. The app is important because it uses technology to combat social issues that often deter minority own businesses from thriving.

Around the Way App Version 2.0 has a pretty intuitive interface, which mimics the native iPhone maps App. This makes it very simple to use and pick up right away to help you locate black owned businesses using your phone. When you open the App, you’re greeted with a scroll bar at the top, which groups black businesses by good and services that range from  beauty shops, barbers, banks and restaurants.  There are also several tabs below, which allow you to view all of the black businesses in a certain area, search for specific stores or add a black business that you may have spotted.

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One of the cool features of the app is the ability to favorite locations. This app is all about supporting black businesses so this feature makes it easy for you to become reoccurring customers once you book mark your favorites spots. Business owners and entrepreneurs have the ability to add their own business to the Around The Way App Directory directly from their phone.

Our only gripe with the App is that once you  locate a business, it would be convenient if the app provided a link to open the directions in the native iOS maps or Google maps app.  Check out the link below and download the app and let us know what you think. Would you use this app to find black businesses?

Sajjad Musa is a tech specialist and creative director at