Michelle Obama has game face ready for Jimmy Fallon

theGRIO REPORT - Michelle Obama is ready for a face-off against NBC's late night host Jimmy Fallon...

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Michelle Obama is ready for a face-off against NBC’s late night host Jimmy Fallon.

The first lady was previously on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last year and was challenged to a series of physical exercises to promote her “Let’s Move” fitness campaign.

Mrs. Obama ended up handily beating Fallon at the challenges which included tug-of war, a potato-sack race, push-ups and hula-hooping.

Fallon tweeted last night to the first lady, “Here’s my game face. What’s yours?” along with a photo of his game-face.

Mrs. Obama tweeted him shortly back a photo of herself with a stern look and her hand on her hip. 

Watch tonight’s episode of Jimmy Fallon to to see who will prevail!

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