theGrio's 100: Franchesca Ramsey, 'Girls Say' she is a viral video sensation

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Who is Franchesca Ramsey?

Franchesca Ramsey, 27, describes herself as a “designer, blogger, comedian,” but “not necessarily in that order.”

More practically, with a degree in Graphic Design from Miami International University of Art and Design, she is part of a vanguard of 21st century media personalities. She has established herself as a comedic force to reckoned with in the increasingly ambitious world of viral videos.

Why is she on theGrio’s 100?

Ramsey struck gold with her web video response to a popular (and some have argued sexist) video called “Sh*t Black Girls Say”. Ramsey’s edition “Sh*t White Girls Say to Black Girls”, in which she mocked some white people’s cultural ignorance, became an even bigger sensation, spawned numerous imitators and made its creator a sought-after commodity.

“It was pretty fast. I uploaded it at 8 am before leaving for work and by lunch time it had 1.5 million views and I had emails from MTV, NBC, NPR and Anderson Cooper among others. It was insane,” Ramsey said in an interview with For Harriet.

The video was not without its share of detractors, but Ramsey effectively shut down critics who decried her spoof of stereotypes as racist.

“This video is not about racism, nor is it racist. This video is about cultural insensitivity and is based on things that have been said to me. It is not about all white girls or all white people. It is about some white people that have said inappropriate things. Highlighting ignorance is not racist. I’m sorry you’re unable to see that,” Ramsey said in an interview with NBC News.

The video currently has over 9 million views and counting.

What’s next for Ramsey?

After the viral success of her video, Ramsey was contacted by “a TV producer, two major talents agents, numerous filmmakers, a national TV show and even a literary agent.”

In her November 2012 interview with For Harriet, Ramsey said, “My goal is just to keep using my creative talents and making people laugh and think. I’ve been working on two original show pitches, going on auditions, performing, making videos, doing freelance work and kinda sorta trying to plan a wedding.”

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