Emma McQuiston, Britain’s first black marchioness, to marry Ceawlin Thynne, Viscount of Weymouth

From Clutch Magazine:

Britain’s high society just got a bit more colorful. Emma McQuiston, the 26-year-old daughter of Suzanna McQuiston and Ladi Jadesimi, a Nigerian oil magnate, recently became the UK’s first black marchioness. McQuiston is engaged to Ceawlin Thynne, Viscount of Weymouth and the son of Alexander George Thynn7th Marquess of Bath.

To put things in context, a marchioness is above the ranking of countess, but below duchess, and McQuiston’s new title has seemed to ruffle the feathers of the old guard, but she isn’t worried.

‘There has been some snobbishness, particularly among the older generation,’ she told The Daily Mail.

She continued: “There’s class and then there’s the racial thing. It’s a jungle and I’m going through it and discovering things as I grow up. I’m not super-easily offended but it’s a problem when someone’s making you feel different or separate because of your race, or forming an opinion about you before they even know you.”

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