Talib Kweli talks hip-hop activism and the Rick Ross rape controversy

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In light of the past controversies that Lil Wayne and Rick Ross received for their careless lyrics, hip-hop and the level of responsibility it has in society have been hot-button topics recently.

Talib Kweli, a Brooklyn emcee, DJ, and activist, has never been one to bite his tongue. If you follow him on Twitter, Kweli will speak on and defend hip-hop as an art form and culture.

He caught some backlash for his support of those standing up against a verse where Ross rapped about putting molly into woman’s drink unknowingly, but in his opinion it’s a clear cut issue.  Rick Ross, who was a brand ambassador for Reebok at the time, was released from his deal after receiving criticism from consumers.

“I think Reebok didn’t respond out of any moral obligation. Because if it was a moral issue, they never would’ve sign an artist like Rick Ross. They would’ve signed a much safer artist,” said Talib Kweli. “I give all the credits, props to the people that are in our community that organized and created a response that made a corporation like Reebok take notice.”

Kweli, who is a fan of Rick Ross’ music, would love to see the passion that was cultivated for standing up to a few negative lyrics is transferred to more issues affecting urban communities.

“If we can fashion a response around rape culture and lyrics, which we should, then let’s fashion a response about genocide. Let’s fashion a response about murder about of our young black men, and let’s support the artists that are actively doing that,” Kweli said.

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