Arsema Tesfai won the Major League Baseball’s “Breaking Barriers” essay contest. (Photo courtesy of NBC Chicago)

NBC Chicago – The seventh-grade winner of Major League Baseball’s “Breaking Barriers” essay contest was honored by Jackie Robinson’s daughter at school Monday.

Arsema Tesfai’s essay, “Just Another Black Boy,” talks about her struggles overcoming the unsolved murder of her brother, Filmon, who was shot before starting his first year at the University of Illinois on scholarship in 2003.

Emigrants from the State of Eritrea, a small African country north of Ethiopia, Tesfai said her family has encountered several experiences with racism and wanted to bring attention to the issue.

“Even though Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in baseball, racism still exists. Sometimes when I walk in an elevator with my dad, women move to the corner and clutch their purses,” she wrote in her essay.

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