A graduate's cap and diploma
A graduate's cap and diploma. © lenets_tan - Fotolia.com

From Clutch Magazine: Few are taught about Olivia Ferguson McQueen during Black History Month, but she is a Civil Rights Movement pioneer. The Virginia-native successfully sued the Charlottesville City School district in 1958 at the age of 16.

McQueen wanted to integrate local schools in order to attend Lane High School. She succeeded in doing so, but paid an unforeseen price for her commitment to civil rights. The Charlottesville School Board forbid McQueen from attending Lane, forcing her to finish her education in a small office away from her peers.

McQueen was also denied her high school diploma when she completed her coursework. She has spent 54 years without that accolade hanging on her wall, but McQueen finally conquered that obstacle May 25.

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