Jada Pinkett Smith defends Beyoncé's Chime for Change concert costume

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Beyoncé was criticized last summer by black entertainment legend Harry Belafonte for not doing enough to help others with her success. Her involvement in a new organization, Chime for Change, might be her answer to this critique. But some think her latest performance on behalf of the charity may have inadvertently harmed the group she seeks to uplift.

A new initiative, Chime for Change is aimed at empowering women and girls around the world, focusing on the areas of “EducationHealth and Justice,” according to its web site. Beyoncé has recently given greatly to the cause.

Launched with co-founders Salma Hayek, noted actress and producer, and Frida Giannini, the creative director of Gucci, Chime for Change held its first major concert on June 1 in London, “Chime For Change: The Sound Of Change Live.” This star-studded concert drew megawatt power players, such as Madonna and Jennifer Lopez, who appeared before a crowd of 50,000.

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Beyoncé was of course the headliner, treating the audience to her biggest hits, and even having hubby Jay-Z join her on stage for a rendition of “Crazy In Love.” Their sweet kiss during one of her first solo hits was reported on around the world.

In addition to tremendous press coverage, the $4.3 million in ticket sales raised that night “will fund approximately 200 projects in 70 countries around the world,” reports The Daily Beast. (Luxury firm Gucci is also the underwriter of Chime for Change.)

Yet, some were not pleased with the generosity embodied in Beyoncé’s performance, which The Daily Beast called the hottest of the night amid a sea of stellar talent. Was it a lack of energy in her renditions? Did the energetic dancer stumble on stage? No.

What turned many off was Beyoncé’s clothes.

Or, it would be more correct to say, the lack thereof. While Queen B did wear the best of the best for the occasion, donning glamorous Gucci apparel, some believe her looks were just too revealing for a cause meant to champion women.

Much of this outrage over her sexy style being possibly demeaning was captured on Twitter, as black women’s web site Madame Noire noted.

“I am all about female empowerment in every form but why does it have to be celebrated in spiked heels and knickers every time #beyonce,” one user said.

“@Chime for change I’m all for your message… but these skimpy costumes and sex dance moves really don’t do much for womens’ empowerment,” opined another.