E.W. Jackson claims government programs have harmed blacks more than slavery

Virginia Republican lieutenant governor candidate E.W. Jackson claimed that 1960’s government programs have done more harm to African-American families than slavery during a speech yesterday in Newport News, VA.

“In 1960, most black children were raised in two-parent, monogamous families. By now, by this time, we have only 20 percent of black children being raised in two-parent, monogamous families with a married man and woman raising those children,” Jackson said. “It wasn’t slavery that did that, it was government that did that, trying to solve problems that only God can solve and that only we has human beings can solve.”

After drawing national attention, Jackson has been subjected to widespread criticism for his extreme views.

Jackson’s anti-gay positions have cost him an endorsement from fellow Virginia Republican, Rep. Scott Rigell. Jackson referred to homosexuality as poison, saying, “it poisons culture, it destroys families, it destroys societies.”

In a passage from Jackson’s 2008 memoir, Ten Commandments to an Extraordinary Life: Making Your Dreams Come True (on the cover the word Commandments is misspelled), he appeared to suggest practicing yoga could lead to Satanism.

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