President Obama to students: Text me

NBC Bay Area - This week, students can ask the president for help with ways to pay for college, and he just might answer — by text message.

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NBC Bay Area – Head spinning from juggling the figures of your student debt and your financial aid package? This week, you can ask the president for help, and he just might answer — by text message.

President Barack Obama is answering students’ questions about paying for college this week, ahead of a planned July 1 rate hike on the interest charged on students’ subsidized Stafford loans.

Every day this week, the youth activism group is collecting questions and sending one of those to the president to answer.

Obama’s answered an inquiry Tuesday from Marcus in Nevada, Texas, about what the government is doing to educate high school students about loans before entering college.

“We launched a College Scorecard and Financial Aid Shopping sheet to compare schools, aid and loan options,” Obama said via text message. “It’s something Michelle and I wish we had had when we were in your shoes — because sometimes we got surprised by some of the debt that we racked up.”

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