'A Band Called Death': First punk band ever rediscovered 40 years later

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Meet the Hackneys, three African-American brothers — David, Dannis and Bobby — who formed their own punk band in the late sixties, called Death.

The three brothers were a group of talented musicians who were earlier pioneers of the punk music genre.

However, four decades later much of their past remains a mystery to many who don’t know what happened to the group or were even aware they ever existed.

Now, they are earning back some recognition through a new documentary titled A Band Called Death, a film that chronicles the band’s journey over the decades as they struggled to break into a world that was is commonly viewed as all-white.

Music executives blamed the band’s name as a reason for their early failure to gain widespread fame. Still, the band refused to compromise on the matter, rebuffing their critics and staying true to their convictions.

The group has not performed in the last three decades and most of their music has gone unheard. But it was not until Bobby’s son recognized his dad’s voice on a song being played at a party that the band was rediscovered.

The film revisits the band’s history and includes reminiscences from band members and fans like the legendary Alice Cooper.

The documentary is currently playing at select theaters.  

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