Director David E. Talbert talks ‘Baggage Claim’: This year ‘feels like a renaissance’ for black films

theGRIO VIDEO - 'Baggage Claim' director David E. Talbert talks about his new film and says that the new wave of black films slated for release this year 'feels like a renaissance'...

Director and playwright David E. Talbert is preparing to release his latest film, Baggage Claim, which hits theaters September 27.

According to Talbert the movie seeks to answer the question “How far would you go to find love?” The romantic comedy stars a stellar cast of African-American actors including Paula Patton, Boris Kodjoe, Taye Diggs, Derek Luke, Djumon Hounsou, Jill Scott, Lauren London and Trey Songz.

During an interview with theGrio at the Essence Festival in New Orleans, Talbert discussed the journey of turning his novel into a film, and also weighed in on the current state of black cinema.

The late 1990’s were undeniably a golden era for black romantic comedies, with films like Love Jones, Waiting to Exhale, The Best Man, Soul Food, and The Wood.

Talbert says that the new wave of black films slated for release later this year, including The Best Man Holiday, The Butler, Black Nativity, and Baggage Claim, “feels like a renaissance.”

“It’s a good time to do quality work. It just so happens that the faces are black,” Talbert said. “But the thing that I think it driving the renaissance is there just good stories, with good actors who just happen to be black.”

“The good thing about what we’re doing now is we’re able to show the best and brightest in the industry in roles that people love them and want to see them in, and it just feels good to the audience.”

Baggage Claim has held early screenings across the country and Talbert says, “the audiences are loving the movie.”

Baggage Claim is distributed by Fox Searchlight Pictures and hits theaters nationwide September 27.

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