Frank Ocean suffers vocal cord tear, cancels tour

After learning he has a tear in one of his vocal cords, Frank Ocean has canceled his sold-out Australian tour right after opening night, according to a statement on promoter LiveNation’s Facebook page.

The singer suffered throat problems on the first night of his inaugural tour Down Under on Thursday, and afterward visited the doctors, who gave him the diagnosis.

He was aware there was a problem even during the show, according to Billboard, as Ocean told the audience after a performance of “Forrest Gump,” “I’m sick … I don’t know if you care.” (Judge for yourself how he sounded in the video below.)

“After last night’s concert … it was necessary to seek medical advice due to vocal issues Frank Ocean experienced during the show,” the show’s promoter said in a statement on Facebook. “It has subsequently been confirmed that Frank has suffered a small tear to one of his vocal (cords) and has received medical advice that he must rest his voice.”

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