In his “rant” on Monday, The Cycle co-host Toure took on the right wing’s obsession with keeping a “racial scorecard” since the Trayvon Martin trial, most recently around the heinous murder of Australian baseball player Chris Lane.

“In the post-Trayvon days,” he said, “the right has a vile new tactic, which is to thrust his name and that of Delbert Belton into the media as a way to make some point about race in America,” something he says “even some of Fox News’ most familiar faces concede is silly.”

Touré called such tactics by right wing media a “gross attempt to put Chris Lane on some national scorecard beside Trayvon and Jordan Davis and Oscar Grant, as if they’re all the same, and as if this is some ‘gotcha’ game and as if I and Rev. Sharpton must publicly atone each time a black person kills a white person.”

The MSNBC host called the tactic “signal jamming,” pointing out that cross-racial violence is rare, and 84 percent of white people are killed by white people, and the chances of a white person dying at the hands of a black person are very slim.

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