Drake’s ‘Nothing Was The Same’ leaks and doesn’t disappoint

OPINION - Whether or not it will establish itself as the album of the year, that remains to be seen. But it definitely starts the fourth quarter releases off with a bang...

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One of the best things about the music industry is when a highly anticipated project not only lives up to its expectations, but completely blows those expectations out of the water.

Drake is one of the most scrutinized artist in hip-hop history, but he might have just hit a grand slam with his newest work.

The leaked version of Drake’s Nothing Was The Same hit the Internet late Sunday night, and as many music fans did, I checked it out before its release date this Tuesday. And I must say, Degrassi Drake has come to tell us school is now in session.

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If one had to compare Drake to any NBA star, he’s the LeBron James of hip-hop.

Both are incredibly talented, both came into their industries with a high ceiling and even higher expectations, both are criticized based on what people would do if they were in their shoes, and most importantly, both have risen to the challenge to silence their non-believers.  Widely called soft and emotional, Drake has definitely taken a darker road, demanding his respect for his accomplishments on N.W.T.S.

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“They always hated the boy, but now the boy is a man, muthaf***a, I done growed up,” as said on “Worst Behaviour.”  While staying true to what he knows in his vivid descriptions of his relationships with women, Drake also seems to tell his tales from the prospective of a young man living life through his spontaneous endeavors and enjoying the benefits that stardom can bring.

As said in the intro song “Tuscan Leather,” that features a Whitney Houston sample used by producer Noah Shebib, “I reached the point where [nothing] matters to me…, I reached heights that Dwight Howard couldn’t reach.”  It’s safe to say, Drizzy’s aware of all of the negative comments and chose to address them in the best way possible.

From the radio singles in “All Me” and “Started From The Bottom,” to standout tracks like “Pound Cake” featuring JAY Z, to the more emotion-drawing songs like “Come Thru,” Nothing Was The Same definitely displays Drake’s progression as an artist, but also promotes his claim to be the best rapper in the game.

Whether or not it will establish itself as the album of the year remains to be seen. But it definitely starts the fourth-quarter releases off with a bang.

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