10-year-old Michigan girl makes name for herself as Detroit’s youngest entrepreneur

VIDEO - Asia Newson is a little dynamo that's even captured Dan Gilbert's attention...

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Detroit – Local 4 reports regularly on new businesses opening up in Detroit, and when young entrepreneurs bring their talents to try to help revitalize and re-build our city.

But, we’ve rarely reported on a business woman quite this young.

“I wanna let everyone know that I am Detroit’s youngest entrepreneur and I like to do what I like to do,” said the 10-year-old Asia.

Asia Newson is a little dynamo that’s even captured Dan Gilbert’s attention.

Newson sells candles with her dad. Her big smile is matched by her passion to get other kids involved.

“I teach young people, like myself, how to make their own money,” she said.

Newson’s business is called Super-Business Girl. The 10-year-old was made to manage, and she runs a super-tight ship.

“Some of my trainees are older than me, but I’m ten, this is my company and I’m the boss of the company so you have to listen to me, and if you don’t then I don’t know what to tell you,” said Newson.

But, she knew what to tell Dan Gilbert when they bumped into each other.

“I see this big camera crew across the street while Asia was talking to one of her customers, and they approached her and it happened to be Dan Gilbert,” said Asia’s father Michael Newson.

During her chance encounter with the Detroit business leader, Asia scheduled a follow-up meeting to discuss her future plans.

“I would like to have a store front in his building and the Compuware Building. That’s my main goal,” she said.

“She inspires me. She’s kind, she’s outspoken and she’s intelligent,” said Asia’s mother.

A Detroit start-up, Bamboo Detroit, began advising Asia and her family nearly three months ago.

“I think that she will become one of the most successful young persons that America has in all honesty,” said Brian Davis co-founder of Bamboo Detroit.

“She already has it right. She already knows about customers, she knows how to structure a business. It’s incredible,” said Bamboo co-founder Mike Ferlito.

With more young people like Asia and the support systems behind them, it looks like Detroit’s future is very bright.