Scandal’s all-star cast returns to TV Thursday night as Kerry Washington and her team of hardworking gladiators take on past dilemmas and tackle new, shocking revelations in the show’s Season 3 premiere.

After a five-month hiatus, the top-rated ABC drama is back and fans everywhere are counting down in anticipation of the new season’s debut.

Since the show’s last appearance on TV, Washington – who plays the smart, sly and (of course) scandalous Olivia Pope – has hardly been removed from the limelight.

Instead, she has become one of Hollywood’s biggest celebs and has made headlines for being dubbed People magazine’s best dressed woman, tying the knot (undercover) with her football star boyfriend Nnamdi Asomugha¬†and earning an Emmy nomination for her role as Pope.

Now, on Wednesday, Washington’s iconic character was portrayed by well-dressed mannequins that graced window displays at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City.

But Pope wasn’t the only character in the presentation who was recognized for her impeccable fashion sense – the show’s other key characters were also modeled by mannequins and featured in the spectacle.

Fans who walked by stopped to review the name-brand designs worn by Pope and her squad – and theGrio talked to some of the admirers who shared their thoughts on the display, the things they love about the show and what they are looking forward to in Season 3.

Are YOU ¬†a fan of ‘Scandal’? If so, tell us why below.

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