Dante de Blasio, Malia Obama named to TIME's 'most influential teens'

Dante de Blasio and Malia Obama were named to TIME magazine’s list of most influential teens Tuesday.

The 16-year-old, afro-sporting son of New York City mayor-elect Bill de Blasio was listed at no. 6. while Malia was ranked at no. 10. The two teens were listed among other influential youngsters including Malala Yousafzai, who came in at no. 7 and Justin Beiber, who was listed at no. 12.

Malia, 15, along with her sister Sasha, 12, were recognized for their poise and maturity — much of which TIME credits to Michelle Obama.

“They seem to lead as normal lives as they can while still meeting the demands of being in the limelight,” the magazine writes.

As for Dante, TIME claims he has become the “city’s latest fashion icon” and his style-setting afro has been admired by many and inspired a style feature in the New York Times.

His hairdo has even been lauded by President Barack Obama, who previously admitted: “Dante has the same hairdo as I had in 1978. Although I have to confess my afro was never that good. It was a little imbalanced.”

Meanwhile, his older sister Chiara, 18, – who also played a large role in several initiatives during her father’s campaign – was not featured among the 16 teens on the list. Although, she did receive recognition for her signature floral headbands.

New Zealand pop singer Lorde appeared at no. 1 on the list as her single “Royals” has become a chart-topping hit. The single also appears to be a personal favorite for de Blasio, who strode onstage to the tune of the song before delivering his victory speech.

To see the full list of the Time’s “Most influential teens,” click here.

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