Judge Greg Mathis. (Photo courtesy of Judge Mathis.)

Judge Greg Mathis’ influence goes far beyond the decisions he reaches in cases presented on his highly rated reality-based court show.

For 15 seasons, his show Judge Mathis has earned him national recognition – but it is his work outside of the courtroom that many fans have come to admire.

As part of his ongoing public service work and in celebration of the show’s success, Mathis is hosting yet another community outreach event to help viewers in need – only this time, it’s bigger than ever.

After launching on November 4, the “Judge Mathis Grocery Giveaway” is the show’s biggest grocery giveaway to date and it aims to assist viewers during the holidays by giving away daily $200 grocery gift cards, with one lucky viewer who will take home a grand prize of $1,000 in free groceries.

“Grocery gift cards are that extra helping hand that so many viewers are in need of as they struggle to put food on the table this holiday season,” Mathis told theGrio. “The ‘Judge Mathis’ Grocery Giveaway’ is our way of making the holidays brighter for those viewers in need.”

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Until Nov. 27, viewers can have a chance to win by tuning in to Judge Mathis every weekday and keeping note of the “word of the day” that will be aired. Once the word is displayed, viewers can then enter for a chance to win the daily or grand prize by entering the word online or texting it to 20284.

This, by far, is not the show’s first giveaway. Mathis has made it a routine to host several charitable events in the past including gas giveaways, which has helped viewers fill up at the gas pump and local grocery giveaways in cities like Chicago and Detroit.

However, he says his latest outreach differs from all others.

“This season’s “’Judge Mathis’ Grocery Giveaway” is different as it is the show’s biggest grocery giveaway to date,” he said. “There are so many people struggling out there to provide for their families and our giveaway runs for a full eighteen days to give us a real opportunity to make an impact and improve lives.”

The event falls in line with Mathis’ personal mission in having a positive impact in the community.

His own gang-to-gavel story, which began growing up as a delinquent in Detroit to becoming one of the most outspoken and impactful members of the black community, has been a testament to the power of self-discipline and education

Now, he spreads this message of empowerment – particularly to members of the youth – as a method to educate and inspire.

“My mission is to uplift those who step in to my courtroom as well as those who tune in to the show,” Mathis said.

“Giving back to the community is about promoting positive youth development, creating safer communities and strengthening families. It makes it possible to inspire young people to transform their lives.”

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