Oprah Winfrey's 'old racists' remark creates firestorm with conservatives

Oprah Winfrey’s recent interview, in which she said old racists “just have to die” has riled up conservatives.

First, Rush Limbaugh slammed her comments and suggested that if black people were “so mistreated” Oprah’s success makes no sense.

Now Fox News is entering the fray, singling out her argument that President Barack Obama has received different treatment than past leaders because he is black.

Bill O’Reilly dedicated a entire segment to the interview, accusing the talk show icon of “playing the race card.”

Conservative radio personality Mark Levin went even further, saying, “I really find her despicable. Not because she’s black. Not because she’s a woman. But because she’s despicable.”

And Sean Hannity featured Oprah’s quote and image in an ominous ad which appears to make her look threatening:

Ever since Oprah endorsed then-Senator Barack Obama for president in 2008, she has become a popular target for conservative ire.

Earlier this year, when she shared an experience she had being racially profiled in Europe, Limbaugh insisted she was only accosted because she is “overweight.”