Majority white audience turns out for Rand Paul speech at African-American outreach event

A largely white audience turned out to hear Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) speak in Detroit for the opening of the Republican Party’s African-American Engagement Office.

The audience attending the December 6th event, held at Grace Bible Chapel, was caught on video by the American Bridge 21st Century.

African-Americans make up roughly 83 percent of Detroit’s population, and the new outreach office is an effort by the GOP to garner more of the minority vote in upcoming elections.  In the 2012 presidential election, about 90 percent of black voters voted for President Barack Obama.

Paul first spoke briefly in Northwest Detroit at the site of the new office on Livernois Ave, and then headed to Grace Bible Church.

Protesters with the civil rights group National Action Network reportedly gathered outside the church.

“Sen. Paul was a vocal opponent of the auto rescue, which saved over a million jobs, and led the Republican effort to shut down the government, costing Michigan’s economy hundreds of millions,” Democratic Party spokesman Joshua Pugh said. “His special interest tax handout plan is nothing new.”

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