The G Project, An Exciting Way To Track and Celebrate Your Immigrant Past

As black people in America, our visibility is evident. The color of our skin connects us visually, but our roots and cultures are as diverse as the hues that make us distinctive. The G Project wants to help you determine your roots by helping you track your ancestry. How many generations of your bloodline have thrived in this country and do you have that story to pass on to future generations? 

Take The G Project Survey

It’s estimated that there are over 60 million black Americans with recent immigrant backgrounds. Who are they? The G Project is The Black Institute‘s effort to measure the footprint of immigration in the black community and raise awareness around reform.

A “G” is a black Immigrant — an African, Caribbean or Afro-Latino person, who has immigrated to the U.S. from another country. Are you a “G” and how many generations of “Gs” do you represent? The Black Institute wants to know your story and what issues matter most to you when it comes to the passage of black people to America. Scroll through to take this quick survey and share your knowledge of where your family comes from.  In the  few short minutes it takes to fill out the  survey, you will be on your way to learning your “G status.”

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