Wives of injured NFL players: ‘We can’t afford our medical bills’

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Three wives of former NFL players joined Nightly News to discuss the brain disease that their husbands suffer from.

Tanya Bradley, wife of Henry Bradley former Cleveland Browns player, Trisha Bell, wife of Nick Bell former Raider when they played in Los Angeles and Tia McNeill, wife of Fred McNeill former Minnesota Viking all shared similar stories.

Memory loss, mood swings and depression have afflicted all three former athletes, who developed debilitating brain injuries.

“Memory loss,” McNeill said, sharing that her husband could not remember people who were in their own wedding.

Henry Bradley, 60, has difficulty even walking down the stairs of his home. The five years Bradley played as a defensive tackle for the Browns has taken a toll on his body.

The wives fear their husbands may be excluded from a $765 million settlement the NFL agreed to for former players. The league was accused of hiding the risks of repeated concussions from players, however the NFL denies any wrongdoing.

Even though all three men were involved in the lawsuit, certain stipulations may prevent them from receiving any compensation. Some of the settlement terms provide less money to players diagnosed after age 45 and for those who played five or fewer years professionally.

Their husbands all retired in the late ’80s and early ’90s.

“We are here to help our husbands and families, but I have hope that this can also help other players who retire after this,” Tia McNeill said.

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