Valorie Burton is a life coach, bestselling author, and expert on positive psychology whose books offer inspirational wisdom on how to make the most out of your life.

Her new book, Happy Women Live Better, offers her latest, practical tips on how we can best create happiness — based both on research and tested methods. Far from offering just common sense advice, Burton’s brand new tome can give you insights into how to create happiness for yourself that might surprise you. Most of all, this book encourages a conversation about how all women need to invest in making themselves enjoy life, because personal pleasure in your existence is one of the most practical means of coping with all of life’s many challenges.

For black women, her ideas for self-nurturing, acting on faith, and taking time for the activities you love are valuable lessons to consider in an age when our health and well-being seem to be constantly under siege from well-documented social pressures.

Watch the video above for our discussion on these issues and more. What do you do to pamper yourself and make sure you create — and safeguard — your own happiness?

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