The changing color of 'Jolly Old Saint Nick'

VIDEO - It's a Christmas story that has a lot of people talking...

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

BALTIMORE, MD – It’s a Christmas story that has a lot of people talking.

Blogger Aisha Harris wrote that instead of having a white Santa, perhaps Santa should be a penguin, thus eliminating the need for the Santa to be black, white or any race for that matter.

That got a Fox News commentator talking and sparked a controversy when she insisted that Santa is white and could be nothing other than white.

Harris, who is black, wrote about asking her parents growing up what color Santa was.

She said her dad told her Santa was every color.

Whatever house he visited, he magically turned into the likeness of the family that lived there.

The bottom line is this has sparked a lot of talk about Santa and whether the real is black or white.

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