National Youth Day of Action Against Gun Violence is being Jan. 8th. (Photo courtesy of National Action Network)

Today, the National Action Network is taking a stand against gun violence by honoring a day to heavily address the issue.

The civil rights organization is claiming Wednesday, Jan. 8th as National Youth Day of Action Against Gun Violence in cities across America.

It is a day that was dedicated on behalf of the network’s youth move, otherwise known as “Huddle” – a weekly program that brings together young men and women to discuss important issues in the community.

NAN has made an online pledge asking people to join them in their mission to end gun violence. It reads:

We the undersigned, sign a Pledge for Peace to fight violence, particularly gun violence in our communities.

We pledge to protect our children by being the voice for the voiceless.

We pledge to promote peace and to find alternative and peaceful ways to address conflict.

We pledge to commit ourselves to finding an end to gun trafficking in our communities.

We pledge to support gun buy- back programs that get guns off our streets and out of the hands of children.

We pledge to advocate to elected officials to create sensible gun law reforms that aid in our aim to end senseless gun violence.

We pledge peace to feel safe in our communities, in our homes and in our schools.

We pledge peace to reach out to those who feel that there is no other way then gun violence.

We pledge peace through non-violent peaceful resolutions to conflicts.

We take this Pledge for Peace with our parents, our friends, our schools and our churches.

The day will be commemorated in the following cities: New York, Atlanta, Washington D.C., Chicago, Los Angeles, Phoenix and Birmingham.

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