The five-year farm bill recently passed by the Republican-led House makes some severe cuts to the SNAP, a.k.a. food stamp program.

The controversial legislation is expected to be signed by President Obama if it makes it through the Senate.

Margarette Purvis, CEO and president of the Food Bank for New York City, appeared on MSNBC yesterday and called the bipartisan compromise “a terrible deal.”

“We are congratulating our leaders for making a decision and we’re not judging them on whether or not it is a good decision,” said Purvis who rejects the notion that the widely publicized cuts only amount to 1 percent of the food stamps budget.

“These families who will be affected will lose half of their monthly allotment for food,” she added. “So 1 percent is a bit of spin.”

Watch the video above to learn the rest of Purvis’ perspective on the farm bill.