theGrio’s 100: Andrew Bachelor, comedy’s next big thing, dominates Vine

Who is Andrew Bachelor?

Andrew Bachelor, 25, a.k.a. King Bach, is a comedy celeb on Vine with 1.9 million followers, his own YouTube channel, a corporate sponsorship, and a BET pilot on the way.

He was born in Canada to Jamaican parents and later moved to West Palm Beach, Florida.

He received a full scholarship to Florida State University for high jumping where he was ranked No. 14 in the nation. At FSU, Bachelor sharpened his comedy routine performing in the comedy troupe 30in60, as well as performing an acting group called Black Actor’s Guild.

After graduating from FSU in 2010, Bachelor enrolled in the masters program at the New York Film Academy, before dropping out in 2012 during his last semester and moving to Hollywood.

He was introduced to Vine by his friend and fellow Vine celebrity Brittany Furlan, before uploading his first Vine video on May 29, 2013

The 25-year-old internet sensation has several million followers on Vine and has a well-known YouTube account, BachelorsPadTv.

Why is he on theGrio’s 100?

Bachelor is truly comedy’s next big thing.

He’s managed to monetize his Vine, selling T-shirts bearing his slogan “But That Backflip Though,” selling the occasional parody song on iTunes, and and forging relationships with companies to create custom Vines.

“With Vine, I started doing it, and my first Vines sucked—they were horrible—but I started studying and seeing which Vines got the most likes, and what people liked to see and laugh in, and I took that and put my own unique spin on it,” said Bachelor in a recent interview. “The results started to happen, and now I’ve almost mastered the structure of what people like to look at on Vine.”

What’s next for Bachelor?

Bachelor says his main goal is to create a sketch-comedy show in the same vein of Comedy Central’s Key and Peele and Chappelle’s Show.

Stay tuned for his upcoming BET sketch-comedy show.

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