theGrio’s 100: Riana Lynn, an entrepreneur advocating for healthier lifestyles

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Who is Riana Lynn? 

Riana Lynn is a self-made entrepreneur whose focus is on addressing and improving the health of Americans nationwide. Lynn graduated with a dual Masters in Public Health and Policy at Northwestern University and went on to create one of the nation’s top-rated juice bars. Lynn has always been an advocate for providing more accessible ways to live a healthier lifestyle and her passion led her to launch Peeled Juice Bar in 2010 – a Chicago-based business which serves juices, smoothies and milks made in a local micro-juicery. Through this, she has learned the tools to create a food, health and tech firm called Rivive Group, which has allowed her to build dozens of partnerships with farmers, schools and gardens.

Why is she on theGrio’s 100? 

Lynn has been a long-time supporter of living a healthy lifestyle and the success of her juice bar and health firm have allowed her to spread this message on a national level. She has partnered with professionals in a variety of fields such as agriculture, business, politics and technology to become a successful entrepreneur. She has traveled worldwide and built relationship that have helped her to learn more ways on how to improve health outcomes. Lynn says, “I am an entrepreneur on a mission. Raised in Evanston, IL. I believe in Change, and I believe we all are here to make some sort of difference.”

What’s next for Lynn? 

Lynn has spent time in Washington D.C.,where she worked for President Obama’s White House Council on Women and Girls and the Office of Public Engagement.  She continues to be at the helm of a business that is set out to improve the health of people in Chicago and beyond. She hopes that her firm will help establish more food, health and tech start-ups.