theGrio’s 100: Todd Williams, fitness nutrition guru leads Vertex Body Sciences

Who is Todd Williams?

Todd Williams is a trailblazer in the sports nutrition field. As the founder of Vertex Body Sciences, Williams has created a company that has grown at the phenomenal rate of 10,010 percent since its creation in 2006. Combining his entrepreneurial talents with his knowledge of sports medicine and media savvy, Vertex Body Sciences is enjoying growth and exposure that has captured a niche audience in the energy drink and meal-replacement space.

Why is Todd Williams in theGrio’s 100?

When Inc. magazine looked at companies and their creators, the criteria were how good their ideas were for products and services. The business analysts also looked at what factors contributed to the company’s ability to innovate and the environment created to retain talent. Todd Williams’s leadership in these areas passes the tests with flying colors. In the field of sports beverages and nutrition, it is the culture as well as the product that makes the product stand tall. Todd Williams has mastered this and is a strong example of personal achievement.

What’s ahead for Todd Williams?

Todd Williams has a lot of tools in his business arsenal. With his company Vertex Body Sciences hailed as one of the fastest-growing companies in America and #1 in sports specialty nutrition, look to him to put those talents to good use expanding his private training studios and adding new and exciting products to the Vertex Body Sciences line.