Who is Moziah Bridges?

Adults can learn a lot about “sartorial splendor” from Mo Bridges, the 12-year-old creator of Mo’s Bows. “I like to wear bow ties because the make me look good and feel good!” He handcrafted his first ties with scraps of his grandmother’s material.

Moziah Bridges was just 9 years old when he decided to take action in light of the fact that he could not find any “cool” bow ties to fit his budding fashion style. So he gathered scraps of his grandmother’s material and created colorful and stylish bow ties for himself and to sell to others.

Mo says, “Designing a colorful bow tie is just part of my vision to make the world a fun and happier place!” In the years since creating his company, Mo personally visited fashion outlets in Memphis with determination to have the stores stock his ties. His hard work and “moxie” has made the youngster somewhat of a celebrity and fashion icon.

Why is Moziah on theGrio 100?

When Mo created his first few bow ties, he could have stopped there. After all, he achieved the goal of producing ties to immediately satisfy his needs. But young Mr. Bridges has created a social and community movement. “Mo’s Bows Summer Camp” helps fund scholarships for kids to go to camps that provide recreational and crafting opportunities.

His profound influence on the sartorial sensibilities of young and old is a refreshing reminder of the power of youth. This young man saw a problem that affected him personally and turned it around so that his solution benefits his community and fuels the entrepreneurial spirit of everyone with whom he comes into contact.

What’s next for Moziah Bridges?

Mo’s Bows can be purchased in stores in Texas, South Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee and Arkansas. He has had television appearances on NBC News, Fox and The Steve Harvey Show. His story was written about in Oprah Winfrey’s “O” magazine, GQ, Vogue, Forbes, Esquire, Glamour and many online publications. With is infectious smile and determination to see the world as a more colorful place, this young man’s “bowtie empire” has an amazing and well deserved successful future ahead.