Chirlane McCray, first lady of New York City, launches interactive website

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The first lady of New York City, Chirlane McCray, has launched a website that will chronicle her time engaging in public service to the city of New York in her new official capacity:

On the heels of being appointed chairwoman of the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City in the administration of her husband, Mayor Bill de Blasio, McCray announced the #FLONYC blog as a repository of her experiences that will be told in photos, videos, poetry and more.

Pronounced “FLOW-NICE,” the web destination will depict McCray’s efforts to use her platform in order to make life better for New Yorkers. The hashtag and site name are an acronym for “first lady of New York City.”

“#FLONYC is an open door to my thoughts and my passions. It’s an interactive multimedia platform and a way to share the myriad stories of my travels through New York City. I want my home on the web to be a place where you feel welcome and get inspired to act on some of our city’s most pressing needs,” McCray stated.

Furthermore, “The blog underscores McCray’s commitment to bringing social justice to the forefront in New York City,” according to the New York Times. The inaugural stories posted to the blog highlight the first lady’s visits to community-centered non-profits.

“As First Lady, I want to make a difference. I want my ‘life lived well’ to be one that leaves the world for these New Yorkers better than we found it,” McCray also stated. “And I want you with me. Will you be a part of our journey to heal this great city?”

#FLONYC was inspired by the column My Day, which was penned by first lady of the United States Eleanor Roosevelt to share her life experiences with everyday citizens.

McCray is the second African-American woman to serve as first lady of New York City. Her family, comprised of her husband the mayor and their teenage children Dante and Chiara, is the first mixed-race family to reside in Gracie Mansion, the traditional residence of the mayor of New York.

The de Blasio-McCray clan gained popularity during the campaign of Mayor de Blasio in part due to to the individualistic self-presentation of its members. The large Afro of Dante de Blasio endeared him to the populace. The self-expressive style of Chiara de Blasio was also seen as a sign that the mayor and his wife are genuinely warm parents leading a tight family unit.

New Yorkers voted en masse to bring this heart and soul to the leadership of their city.

McCray’s #FLONYC blog will be a perfect extension of the creative way she and her husband’s political team have communicated with the public in intimate ways using visual symbols and caring words.

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