Rap Genius: The top 5 rap lyrics of the week — Kanye is a true innovator

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Ever since Beyoncé dropped her party anthem with Jay Z, everyone is feeling a little tipsy in love.

The Weeknd and Kanye West added remixes as well which have been atop Rap Genius’ hot song rankings.

This edition we also highlight the multi-talented Boots who releases his new single. Here are the lines of the week:

5. “The way they jock my whip I call it Secretariat, Various horses inside my stable, it’s hilarious” — Pharoahe Monch, ‘Hustler (Puppet Street)’ 

Check out the exceptional horse racing wordplay. People envy Monch’s car (whip) like the legendary racehorse Secretariat. Luckily he has other horses in the stable aka cars in the garage, so he just laughs them off.

4. “Look at ya’ll sharin’ one bottle in the club, One bottle full of bub” — Nicki Minaj, ‘Lookin A** N****’ 

Nicki takes a shot at the up and coming rappers getting a table at the club, because really they can only afford to split 1 bottle between the whole group.

3. “Everybody got a crib, Did an album just to do it, droppin’ albums like a pill” — The Weeknd, ‘Drunk in Love remix’ 

In his druggy reworking of Beyonce’s hit, The Weekend flexes on us here, letting us know that the music he drops year after year is really easy for him.

2. “Oh baby my love sinks deeper as you drown in lust, The webs you spin immortalized in dust” — Boots, ‘Dust’

Relationships are tricky and sometimes will leave you tangled in a web.  The lust will have you craving for more, and your feelings may be left in the dust.

1. “I ain’t no pastor, don’t do missionary, I know good p**** when I see it, I’m a visionary” — Beyonce ft. Kanye West and Jay Z, ‘Drunk in Love remix’

Kanye is a true innovator and tends to be 10 steps ahead of anyone else. He’s known to have visionary streams of consciousness, and the ultimate vision he has for himself is success.