It’s difficult to flip the television channel to MSNBC or click on your favorite political site and not see political powerhouses Aisha and Danielle Moodie-Mills.

And for good reason. The dynamic duo, married in 2010, continue to take the world by storm, changing the face of what it means to be black and LGBT one conversation at a time.

While our nation’s capital—or Poliwood as the couple affectionately calls the “new” Washington—has been known for its fifty-shades-of-grey suits and clutched pearls, the Moodie-Mills’ are catalyzing culture and shifting policy debates out loud and in color. And the world has taken notice.

Starting this week, Aisha and Danielle will be kicking off a new video series, Politini on theGrio, where they will discuss the intersections between politics and pop culture, and other spin that makes the world go round. The eight-week mini-series, beginning Wednesday February 26th will cover hot topics that connect viewers to the more personal side of politics. You will be able to view new editions every Wednesday and Friday mornings at

Over the past few years, they have been busy launching their policy initiative, Fighting Injustice to Reach Equality (FIRE), at the Center for American Progress, which works to eliminate the social, economic, and health disparities faced by LGBT people of color.

Since 2010, Aisha and Danielle have propelled FIRE forward as a policy and advocacy force, creating visibility for the issues effecting LGBT communities of color through an intersectional lens. But if you think Aisha and Danielle are simply policy wonks, think again.

Aisha and Danielle continue to remind us that there is power in visibility. Their wedding blazed trails as the first lesbian wedding profiled by which was met with overwhelmingly positive feedback. So they decided to continue the conversation by penning the blog “Living, Loving, & Laboring Out Loud,” or threeLOL, where they provide commentary on everything from Beyoncé and feminism, to lessons on love and life, and whether women really can have it all. (Hint: Depends on how you define all, and yes they can – in phases and with support).

Lauded as a “power couple to watch” by both Black Enterprise and Politico, Aisha and Danielle are demystifying mainstream stereotypes about black LGBT people, while also unapologetically breaking down patriarchal walls. They are two fashionably political women who boldly own their feminism and brilliance.

For their efforts, the couple, who have been married for over three years, have both been named one of The Root’s 100 most influential African-Americans and the Advocate’s Top 40-Under-40 National LGBT Leaders. They are also frequent political commentators, and you can catch them hanging out in Nerdland on the Melissa Harris-Perry Show and other MSNBC shows providing thoughtful commentary on politics, pop culture and everything in between.

As if that list wasn’t exhaustive, in January of 2013, they launched Politini, a weekly Internet radio show that serves politics and pop culture up with a twist. The couple writes, produces, and hosts the hour-long show, which is the most downloaded talk show on

Politini isn’t simply black or LGBT, but rather a platform where diverse people can come together to converse about the critical issues that impact our lives—for better or for worse. Politini has hosted a range of guests from politicos and cultural influencers, to celebrity stylists and athletes, to think and talk critically about today’s hot-button issues.

While we all may not always be able to agree on the same political narrative, one thing is for sure: Aisha and Danielle, partners in business, life and love, will find a way to get us thinking, talking and tweeting!

Preston Mitchum is a civil rights advocate and legal writing professor in Washington, DC. He has written for The Atlantic, Huffington Post, EBONY, and Think Progress. Preston is obsessed with incorporating intersectional frameworks into laws and policies. Follow him on Twitter @PrestonMitchum.