Politini: Black Twitter's 3 best takedown tactics!

Each week Politini gives you the scoop on why the headlines matter. In this episode, we discuss how the revolution has been tweeted.

From Paula Deen’s affection for the “good ‘ole days” of the antebellum South to George Zimmerman’s outrageous attempt at a celebrity boxing match, Black Twitter brings the smack-down whenever racism and white privilege rear their ugly heads.

Black Twitter has flexed its immense power on a number of occasions from the creation of Must-Tweet TV (i.e. Scandal and the Melissa Harris-Perry Show), to putting pressure on Florida to seek justice for Trayvon Martin, to ending the careers of “casual racists.”

Now, we all know that Black Twitter can react quickly and do a takedown, but can we harness this energy to be a powerful political force in the mid-term elections?

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