Video of the train accident at Chicago O'Hare is released

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Security camera video of that Chicago Transit Authority train accident at O’Hare Airport was released showing the train running through the terminal bumper and traveling up an escalator until coming to a full stop.

One man who witnessed the early Monday morning mishap while standing on the platform said there were sparks and a lot of debris as passengers ran off the train, knocking him down.

Another witness said when the train hit the end of the terminal, it took off like a 757 and landed near the top of the escalator. The National Transportation Safety Board determined that the train was travelling at approximately 26 miles per hour when it went through the safety bumper at the end of the terminal. Investigators said a fail-safe system did engage, but failed to stop the train in time.

Thirty-seven people were injured, including the train operator who were treated and released from a local hospital. Investigators have interviewed the operator who said she may have dozed off at the controls as the train pulled into the station. They did say, however, that the train approached the station at normal speed.

The first lawsuit has been filed in the case by a passenger who told a Chicago TV station that she is now scared to go back to work in a week and get on that train. She and her attorney said the suit will also look into the structure itself, whether the end of the line was built a little too close to the escalators.