Teen fighting cancer meets idol LeBron James

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Ebony met LeBron.

As theGrio.com reported back in February, Wisconsin teen Ebony Nettles-Bey’s dream was to meet LeBron James. Saturday night, the Miami Heat made sure she did.

The Heat honored their commitment and then some — tapping Nettles-Bey to lead the Heat onto the BMO Bradley Harris Center before the Heat squared off against the Milwaukee Bucks.

Nettles-Bey continued to play on her high school basketball team despite a cancer diagnosis back in October. The junior forward for the Verona Area High School lost weight, her hair and underwent several chemotherapy treatments throughout the season.

She played on.

Supporters and friends started a #LeBronMeetEbony Twitter campaign back in February. It went viral quickly and soon LeBron and company took  notice.

Earlier this month, the NBA’s reigning MVP sent Nettles-Bey a signed jersey and called her his “favorite player.”

James told FOX Sports Wisconsin’s Andrew Gruman:

I didn’t need to meet her to understand how strong she was. But it’s great to be around her and see her enthusiasm even with what she’s dealing with. It’s like she doesn’t even have [cancer]. It’s not going to stop her. That’s a very unique trait.

Nettles-Bey and her family posed for several photographs with members of the Heat team, including All-Star forward Chris Bosh. She took in the Heat’s 88-67 victory from courtside.

Her idol LeBron James scored 13 points.

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