Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate: Obama ‘a radical homosexualist’

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A gubernatorial candidate for Massachusetts has accused the president of pushing “a destructive homosexual agenda,” and even questioned President Obama’s sexuality.

In an interview with Channel 4 News, pastor Scott Lively said Obama was part of the gay agenda due to his attempts “to break down the protections for the natural family and legitimize sexual perversion.”

“I think Mr. Obama may well be a homosexual himself,” he said. “He is certainly a radical homosexualist – meaning a person, whether they are homosexual or not, meaning a person who is 100% invested in the homosexual agenda.”

He also said the president was guilty of destroying family ideals and religious values.

“He is lending the weight of his office to a movement that’s goal is to overturn the Judeo-Christian sexual ethic and replace it with the gay ethic of sexual anarchy,” Lively told Inigo Gilmore.

Lively, who is from Springfield, Mass., has launched a public profile on his anti-gay beliefs and most recently, his influence over the anti-gay laws in Uganda, which have been hailed as some of the most draconian laws against the LGBT community in the world.

The evangelical pastor, who is running as an independent candidate in the race for Massachusetts governor, is running against some longtime state officials including State Treasurer Steve Grossman, Attorney General Martha Coakley, and 2010 gubernatorial nominee Charlie Baker.

In a state that is regarded as one of the country’s most liberal, Lively may be received poorly with his comments about gays, both domestic and abroad.

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