Donations pour in for homeless mom who left kids in car

VIDEO - It's hard to see Shanesha Taylor's mugshot and not have some kind of reaction...

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona – It’s hard to see Shanesha Taylor’s mugshot and not have some kind of reaction.

“She’s crying in this picture,” says Amanda Bishop. “How can you not want to help her.”

Taylor was arrested by Scottsdale, Arizona police after her two young children were discovered alone in a car.

Taylor told officers she was applying for a job and had no childcare.

Her story drew immediate attention.

Amanda Bishop heard the story and decided to take action.

“I decided to go on Facebook and everything was about her children,” Bishop says. “It made me feel like she really wasn’t a bad mother and she made a terrible mistake.”

Bishop set up a page to help Taylor and her children, and within hours people started donating money.

So far it’s raised tens of thousands of dollars, but also drawn criticism.

Many feel opposed to the donations Taylor doesn’t deserve a handout for making a mistake.