Politini: Why you should fall in love with politics

theGRIO VIDEO - It’s a given that when the word politics is uttered eyes roll faster than a Kardashian to the nearest paparazzi...

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It’s a given that when the word politics is uttered eyes often roll faster than a Kardashian by the nearest paparazzi.

With the rise of political grandstanding and the demise of substantive policies many Americans have turned their backs on the legislative system altogether.

Political blowhards have made us forget that most politicians have good intentions and really did go in to public service because they believe in the credo “We the People”.

Politini had the pleasure of chatting with Members of the Congressional Black Caucus that reminded us why we fell in love with politics and you should too.

The success of our democracy depends on our full participation.

Watch Politini’s three reasons why love and politics isn’t an oxymoron!

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