Arsenio jokes: 'Letterman wants me to replace him'

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Late night host Arsenio Hall generated a little bit of chatter with a tweet following the announcement that Stephen Colbert would be replacing the retiring David Letterman on CBS.

Hall, who recently relaunched his own late night career with a syndicated talk show of his own, tweeted: “‘Even though David Letterman wants me to replace him, CBS wants Steven Colbert. Oh well! You go Steven Colbert congratz.”

After many questioned the veracity of his statement, Hall double down during his monologue on his own show.

“The tweet blew up. I got a lot of retweets and people kept asking me if it’s really true…and it is. Dave asked me personally,” he said.

Hall then played a clip of an appearance he made on Letterman’s CBS show that was dubbed to make it look like the legendary host was offering him the job.

“Stephen Colbert is a wonderful, talented guy who will do a great job and don’t you feel weird Stephen, being Dave’s second choice,” Hall said. “Y’all are blinking that sarcasm sign, right?”