Study: Higher pollution risk for minorities in U.S.

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In honor of Earth Week, researchers have conducted a study on pollution and are highlighting results that they are calling an “environmental injustice.”

The study, conducted by professionals at the University of Minnesota, shows that minorities are disproportionately affected by high pollution levels across the nation.

According to the research, minorities are exposed to 38 percent higher levels of Nitrogen dioxide, a prominent air pollutant composed of toxic gas. The high pollution levels in these communities also lead to increased risks of asthma and heart attack.

Overall air pollution has improved over the years since the Clean Air Act was passed in 1970.

However, despite the progress that has been made, certain areas face larger disparities in exposure to NO2 – with New York City showing the widest gap.

Julian Marshall, associate professor of Environmental Engineering, joined News Nation with Tamron Hall Monday to discuss the latest findings in the report. 

Watch the clip below and tell us your thoughts.