University of Alabama finally approves racial integration of sororities and fraternities

After some highly publicized foot-dragging, the University of Alabama finally voted to authorize the integration of their fraternities and sororities.

Discrimination within the school’s Greek system has been exposed in the past year and has been attributed to a secret society on campus known as “The Machine,” according to the Huffington Post.

The Machine was blamed for torpedoing another recent effort to allow integration of Greek life at the university.

While segregation was never an official school policy it was widespread and considered something of an unspoken rule. This vote now gives teeth to efforts to prevent all-white sororities and fraternities at the school.

“I believe the resolution passed tonight is a great solution,” Student Government Association president Hamilton  Bloom said in the statement. “My administration and I are dedicated to seeing and encouraging results in the integration of both fraternities and sororities, and I believe the resolution passed tonight, in addition to the Diversity Caucus which will be introduced soon, are incredible first steps.”

Still, although integration was approved with an “overwhelming number of votes on the floor,” according to the university’s newspaper The Crimson White, Bloom noted that the fraternities and sororities “still have a long way to go” on issues of fairness and equality.

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